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Your Road Map to Texas Individual Health Insurance

Texas Individual and Family Market Summarized

Over 50% of Texas employers do not offer any form of health insurance for their employees.

Coverage is available for these individuals from one of five large, multi-state carriers. These carriers include Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA, Humana and UnitedHealthOne. Texas consumers can choose from over 150 plans, including both long-term coverage and short-term coverage. Consumers also have the option of either traditional health insurance coverage or the new health savings account (HSA) plans.

Key Aspects of Individual and Family Health Insurance

Individual and family health insurance applications are medically underwritten, which means with the exception of children, a carrier can decline your application.

The problems caused by applications being declined will be eliminated on January 1, 2014 when all health insurance applications will be guaranteed issue, which means they cannot be denied.

 Health insurance policies require no contractual obligation. Premiums are paid month-to-month, and coverage can be cancelled at any time with written instructions or by not making the current premium payment.

With over 150 plan options, Texas consumers can vary the deductible from $1000 to $6,600. Options also include plans with or without office visit co-pay benefits, traditional plans or health savings account plans with tax-deductible advantages.

All health insurance policies written in Texas have a 10-day free look provision, which means the consumer has 10 days to review the coverage; and if they decide not to accept the coverage during the 10-day period, a full refund is issued.

All premiums, regardless of the Internet site, are quoted as preferred rates. Final premiums are subject to underwriting review and can be increased based on height, weight or health history.

Maternity coverage is a mandated benefit as required by the Affordable Care Act and pregnancy is not considered a pre-existing condition.

Family members are not required to have the same policy. A husband and wife can split coverage and select plans that best fit their individual needs.

Short-term coverage is available to fill the gap between two health insurance plans. Depending whether you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, short-term coverage may be your only option outside of the annual enrollment period. Also, short-term coverage can be an option in the months prior to turning 65 to provide a cost competitive option to Affordable Care Act coverage.

Multiple carriers and a large number of plan options benefit the Texas consumer but also make the evaluation and decision more complicated. Stateside can provide direct assistance to answer questions, explain terminology, evaluate coverage options and assist with the application process. Once you have completed your initial research, contact Stateside at (866) 444-3332 (toll free) or by email at  to discuss your coverage needs in more detail.

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