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How to Run Quotes for Medicare Supplements, Advantage plans, and Part D

You have access to the rates above for Texas but let's give you tips so you get the most out of these free tools.

Health insurance is confusing and it just gets more so after age 65!

Check out our How to Pick the Best Texas Medicare Plan for more detail.

Let's focus on key tips knowing that you can reach out to us with any questions for free assistance.

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Here's what we'll cover:

  • How to quote Medicare supplements in Texas
  • How to quote Medicare Advantage plans in Texas
  • How to quote Part D in Texas
  • Get help with Texas medicare options

These are all very different in how they work so let's touch base on quoting.

Check out our review on how to pick the best Texas medicare plan for more guidance.

Let's get started!

How to quote Medicare supplements in Texas

This is a little easier since the benefits and networks are standardized.

Meaning, a G plan will walk and talk the same regardless of carrier. Also, we can use any doctor or facility that accepts Medicare.

So...it becomes a question of pricing!   And pricing stability.

Focus on the G plan which is the most popular plan by far and for good reason. This is a good benchmark to see how the major carriers stack up.

You can run your Medicare supplement quote here with the major carriers side by side.

quote Texas medigap plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, and United health AARP and more side by side

Reach out to us with any questions on how the plans work and what's the best value.

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Keep in mind that if you go the supplement route, you'll need to get a Part D for medication (more on that below).

Otherwise, quote G plan across the carriers!

Advantage plans get more complicated.

How to quote Medicare Advantage plans in Texas

First, some Advantage plan quoting housekeeping:

  • Your medications and dosages
  • Your preferred doctors and/or hospitals
  • Your preferred pharmacy

Then sort by "Total Estimated Cost" up top. This will sort the options according to your RX out-of-pocket and doctors.

This addresses problem #1 and 2 with new Advantage plan members!

Okay...then what?

This is where we need to roll up our sleeves.

Focus on the Triple Threat selection criteria:

  • Star Rating: how do actual members feel about their plan; aim for 4 stars or higher
  • Out-of-Pocket max: what's my exposure in a bad year healthwise
  • Deductible/Premium: what's my upfront costs

how to compare california medicare advantage plans and carriers

 That plus our medication/doctors should really narrow the options.

There can be special plans for:

  • People eligible for Medicaid
  • People with chronic illnesses

You can filter for these by clicking on "show special need plans" up top.

Again, this gets more complicated fast so reach out to us. There's zero cost for our assistance.

Most Advantage plans include medication. What about Part D if we go the Medicare supplement route?

How to quote Part D in Texas

This is very similar to the process for Advantage plans. Just click on the "Prescription Drug Plan" to the right via the quote above or here:

We make this free, fast, and secure!

Enter your medications/dosages and pharmacy under preferences. Sort by "Total Estimated Cost".

This should also narrow out the options better.

Really zero in on those Star Ratings!

This speaks to how easy/difficult the process of getting your meds approved can be. Also whether people are finding meds are "on the list"

There's a penalty for not getting a Part D plan when eligible of 1%/month that increases indefinitely!

At least get a "placeholder" plan at the lowest price point to avoid this penalty in case you need to upgrade in the future (at Open Enrollment or with big life changes).

Now...what if all seems just too much (we get it!!)?

Get help with Texas medicare options

We are licensed Texas health insurance agents with 25+ years experience.

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It feels like there's quite a bit of the opposite out there if you talk to seniors so let's see if we can break that expectation.

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Be well. Quote well.