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Your Texas Health Insurance Agent with 5 Star Google Reviews

First, the essentials:

Goodacre Insurance Services
3112 Windsor Road #310

Austin, Texas  78703

Main Office:
316 Mid Valley Center #283
Carmel, Ca 93923


Principle grew up in Ft Worth with family from Austin to Grand Saline for what it's worth!  Always Texan at heart.


Dennis Jarvis; Texas License# 1367646

Maybe most importantly...

With over 25+ years of experience, here are the basics:

  • Our services are 100% free to you
  • We work with the biggest and best carriers for Individual/Families, Medicare, and Small Business
  • We are impartial; Finding you the best value is our goal

Let's break these down along with what you can expect from us!

Free assistance for Texas health insurance

There's zero cost for our assistance!

Whether you buy from us, another agent, direct from the carrier or even the Exchange, the pricing will all be the same.

As licensed Texas health agents, we get compensation from the carriers but they're pretty comparable and that doesn't factor into our advice.

In fact, if you have a better option (Cobra, existing plan, etc), we'll tell you. It happens every day.

It's just the right thing to do and we would hope that's what we (or our parents) would also receive!

There's no application fee for the standard plans. No fee for our services. That's just the baseline though.

Get expert advice on the biggest carriers available in Texas

In any profession, there's good and bad. No different for health agents!

You'll hear it in our voice. We know health insurance.

All the weird quirks and situations that can come up...have come up... Over 25+ years of helping people navigate their options.

  • Figuring out the subsidy after going self-employed and getting married mid-year? Sure...we've done that.
  • Comparing Advantage plans versus supplements with specific meds and doctor needs? Sure. Daily


We're talking maybe 100,000+ clients over that span. Good luck with that, AI!!


This is why there is still a need for quality health insurance agents to begin with.

Check out our reviews above to see if we foot the bill. Better yet, email us at help@texasplans.com or pick a time to chat here to see if we're the right fit.

If somehow you stump us and we don't know, we'll go research and get right back to you.

This only works if an agent deals with the biggest carriers in Texas. Watch out for any agent that seems to be pushing one carrier or set of plans (we see this Advantage plans).

Check out or Texas health carrier comparison as an intro.

There's lots of "pushing" out there these days especially on the Medicare side. It's why CMS keeps adding layers of protections for seniors.

We're fans of answering questions and if you want to work with us...great! We're happy to help.


Both the plan selection/enrollment process and during the year!

Again, we lean on our Google reviews from real clients.

Also, check out the big reviews we have throughout the site to educate Texas health insurance shoppers on how to really compare their options.

For example:

How to pick the best Individual Family plan
How to pick the best Medicare plan

Reach out to us at help@texasplans.com or pick a time to chat here. Also, 800-320-6269.