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free assistance for texas health exchange plans


Free Assistance for Texas Health Exchange Plans

Around 50% of the people who reach out to us after self-enrolling have errors on their Exchange application.

The problem is that these can either keep them from getting the full subsidy and richer benefits


Cause them to get too much and they get a whopping tax bill the following year for the whole amount.

That's where we come in!

First, our reviews:

There's zero cost for our assistance with all the components but more importantly, we can take a 45 minute process of translating health insurance into a 5-10 minute discussion.

Seriously...we know what questions to ask and how the plans REALLY differ.

With 25+ years experience, we've seen it all!


Lean on us for the following:

  • Figuring out the subsidy for Texas exchange plans
  • Comparing and picking the best plan
  • Successful enrollment with online instant applications
  • Account updates and questions during the year
  • Open Enrollment re-evaluation each year


Let's walk through these a bit.

Figuring out the subsidy for Texas exchange plans

We have a whole review on getting the most subsidy for Texas exchange plans.

This accounts for 80% of the questions but daily, we see situations that don't quite fit in the square hole.

For example:

  • Self-employed with highly variable income
  • Big life changes; loss of job, changes in income
  • Changes in family make-up; marriages, divorces, new babies, etc
  • Moves in and out of Texas or within Texas
  • Married couples with very different income
  • Family members with other coverage already (Medicare, etc)


The list goes on and on as there are about 1000 different flavors of situations out there.

We've seen it ALL!


Enrolling 10's of 1000's of ACA (Affordable Care Act) plans since 2014 helps a bit.

We can also help with off-exchange plans but since the benefits/networks are standardized on or off exchange, we usually enroll on-exchange if there's any chance of getting a subsidy.

This is really the biggest deal in selecting a Texas health plan these days!

We see subsidies of 1000's of dollars per year all day long. That's found money and we can make sure you're getting the right amount.

At zero cost to you!  Expect the first few questions to revolve around this piece at help@texasplans.com or by chat here.

Then there's the joy of picking a health plan. Yes, that's sarcastic!

Comparing and picking the best plan

  • HMO's, PPO's, POS plans?
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum levels?
  • Deductibles. Copays. Out-of-Pocket Max's.
  • Almost a dozen carriers with different doctor networks


Goodness. How do you possibly analyze all this?

If you're not picking health insurance in Texas everyday, it can be overwhelming.  Big review on comparing the Texas Exchange Metallic plans.

That's where we come in!


With a few key questions, we can narrow down the options to just a few that match your situation pretty quickly.

We first have to establish subsidy (above section) and if you're eligible for the enhanced Silver plans.

If so, especially with the Silver 87 or 94, that's really hard to beat!


Otherwise, we need to look at expected health care needs versus premium difference.

There's a whole calculus here we apply after more than two decades of doing this. You'll see when you speak to us!


Somewhere in there is the whole doctor network question.

Really, it's HMO versus EPO in today's world.

That's a question of control/flexibility of care and doctor versus monthly premium.

People generally have a sense of where they fall on that but we can quickly suss it out with a few key questions.


Then, we have to compare the different metallic levels (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum) within a carrier and network.

This seems impossible with all the different factors (deductibles, copays, max's, coinsurance, etc) but it's actually pretty easy with a quick discussion.

We'll show you the way at no cost to you! We don't push either. Check out the reviews!

We found a plan...then what?

Successful enrollment with online instant applications

As expected, we provide online application enrollment for Federal Exchange (and off-exchange) plans!

This is the fastest and most secure way to make sure it's complete and done correctly.

Of course, we've already probably discussed income, household, and plan selection so the tough part is done!

At no cost to you as Texas health insurance agents!


The online application is free to you! No application fee. No fee for our service.

Okay...you're enrolled on the plan of choice. Now what?

Account updates and questions during the year

Things change. All the time these days.

  • Income goes up or down
  • People move
  • Family make-up changes
  • People change jobs or go from a job to self-employed

You name it!

We can help re-quote and guide through these changes as well as explain confusing letters you get from carriers, the Exchange, etc.

After all, it's a massive entity so the correspondence can get...confusing.

You'll always be able to reach out to us during the year for help navigating all this.

It's just as important as the initial plan selection process.

We may even be able to help with existing Texas exchange plans!

Reach out to us at help@texasplans.com or pick a time to chat here.

Then there's the lovely end-of-year mayhem!

Open Enrollment re-evaluation each year

Every year, we do it all over again!

Things can change quite a bit with the carriers and plans they offer:

  • Big life changes!
  • Premiums change
  • Plans and networks change
  • Carriers come and go


More importantly, your situation will likely change for the upcoming year and we need to adjust that and re-evaluate the options accordingly.

It's just like when we first started off but with new information:

  • Income and Tax credit estimate
  • Plan selection
  • Enrollment in new plans


We've had clients since 2014 and every year, we go through this dance from Oct - Dec to find the best fit for the following year.

Let us help you as well.

That's a wrap. Again, check out the Google reviews above. We really do try to do right for Texas exchange plan customers!